About DJ Dutch

About DJ Dutch
DJ Dutch is well known for his distinctive style of high energy music in the dancemusic genre. With unique sounding DJ sets & productions he can be best described as an allrounder in the dance scene that doesn’t play EDM only, but is also influenced by a lot of other music styles like moombahton, latin, electro & urban and believe it or not…. even a touch of 80’s and 90’s (club)classics.

Tryin’to dance
After a short break in 2019/2020 he is back and on his way up! In 2021 he released his new single ‘Tryin’ to dance’ on the Nimi Music & recordings label that was trending on several websites and reached the 18th position on the Beatport Future House top 100 and the number 1 position in the Digital DJ Pool Electronic Charts! It even became a trending song on TikTok!

Previous singles
His previous singles Can’t hold us down and ‘Treble’ were released in 2017 and 2018. ‘Can’t hold us down’ reached over 25.000 plays and Treble was used in a commercial for a wellknown brand of sportsgoods. A proof that his music is not just ment for an underground audience , but widely liked & accepted around the world; Music with groovy basslines, uplifting melodies and strong beats! A commercial sound that is influenced by several worldwide music styles.

Born and raised in the Netherlands….
DJ Dutch was born in 1983 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, but grew up in a small town near the city of Arnhem. A few years ago he moved and made Germany his homebase, but DJ Dutch plays all over the world. Even outside of Europe. He gained a lot of experience at venues and festivals in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Egypt, France, the UK, Hungary, Russia and a lot of other cities and places across the globe.

Award winning DJ
DJ Dutch has won several awards in his career and even positioned himself at a 6th place at the Party Awards in 2018/2019 in the Netherlands. He is also the winner of the Technics DJ award in 2015, 2018 and 2019 and the winner of the  Energy DJ Dance Experience in 2017.

The future
The future is actually quite clear; Release more music, maintain his momentum and bring joy and good music to every dancefloor across the globe. To create what he likes most; Good music and smiles on everybody’s faces!