About DJ Dutch

djdutch2DJ Dutch (Niels Wijers, 1983) is born in Nijmegen and raised in the south/east  of The Netherlands. He loved music as soon as he had a pair of ears.

With a musical father and mother, he was brought up on music and his DJ career originated as an allround DJ. With a decent knowledge of music from the 60 ‘s till now he is mostly influenced by artists and DJ’s like Hardwell, Major Lazer, Happy Colors and many more!¬† Also older influences like funk and oldschool hiphop and music from the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s can be heared in his sets. Topped off with a litttle latin music like reggaeton, mambo & salsa.

His mixing style is fast and his track choices are all influenced by approachable and recognizable music in a variaty of music styles.

DJ Dutch likes to think ‘outside of the box’ and that’s exactly why his style can’t be pushed into one. Mashing things up, to go where others don’t go and turning a smile on everyone’s face on the dancefloor is his mission. That mission succeeded in winning several DJ contests.

It all started back in 2001 when he was given the chance to become resident DJ at Sparks fun and flair bar, located in Arnhem, The Netherlands. In the years that followed he was a resident DJ at Olde Beth, Wehl, Netherland, Club Xero, Dinxperlo, The Netherlands, he performed at Candyland and Lentebeats festival. Kingsday Eindhoven, Kingsday Amsterdam and several other festivals and locations accros the globe. He played his music in several countries like Egypt, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Belgium and even The United States.

Renown for his Moombahton Mania mixtapes and his lady friendly style he is working his way into some future releases, that will be released by the end of the summer. Still wonder how all of the above will sound like? Check the schedule and feel free to pay him a visit at one of his gigs or send an info request. This info can also be found in the presskit.


Deephouse – Twerk – Oldschool 90’s – Club hits – EDM – Latin – Future house – Moombahton – Urban – and international clubbing music

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